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At Abhiruchi Costume Kart ™, our staff takes pride in creating high-quality international standard mascot costumes that will last you for many years. We have been creating, designing and working with mascots for more than 10 years. Our staff knows mascot costumes inside and out. We have been exporting mascots from India to countries in Middle East, South East Asia, Afghanistan, Nepal, Europe and even China. It is only because we have developed in-house expertise of creating a mascot from your designs and delivering them in record times, not only in India but also abroad. From working with sector leading 3D designers on creating your initial designs to using best of the materials enables us to create quality products.

No matter how unusual or unique the concept, we will work with you to execute your designs to your specifications. Our mascots are crafted to precisely match whatever design you have in mind. All you need to do is have a conversation with a mascot designer on our staff! Anurag can be reached directly at (91) 9871420175 or on his email anurag[@]

Mascot characters are valuable public relations tools for any organization, regardless of size. They serve as attention-grabbing emissaries that will get you noticed. Mascots are remembered fondly by all who hug them and shake their hands (or paws!) They can interact with the public in a way no commercial or billboard can.

Mascots help get your organization or product into the minds of your customers, becoming the public face of your organization.

Engage with customers

Brands know that, to survive and flourish in today’s fast paced world, they have to constantly engage with their consumers. Mascots make consumer engagement easier, by providing a loveable human (or animal) face to the brand. People take to small children, charming old grandparents or baby elephants much more than they will to inanimate brands. Take, for instance, Gabru of Under-19 Football tournament of Central Forces, who succeeded in creating fond engagement with special mention in Times of India. You can read all about it here Gabru Mascot for U-19 Football Team

Entertainment Quotient

Mascots make brands interesting and entertaining. They can voice irreverent truths on behalf of the brand, which make people take notice and smile, in a manner that the brand itself cannot. It would perhaps be far more difficult for Amul to make its humorous points about a current event, without the soft and loveable character of its Amul girl being integral part of the story. Mascots can also help provide the brand a “fun image”, even if the product category is in very serious space – and this helps, because no one likes seriousness all the time, and we somehow get to like brands that entertain us in the midst of our relatively drab and routine lives.

Mascots for children

The market for kids’ brands is very large in India, though nascent in many categories. This is the natural home for mascots, because kids love animated creatures: warm, cuddly, superhuman, Bhim-like and mouse-like. Even small toddlers can recognise brands of chocolates or toys through their mascots, and can then pester their parents accordingly. No other marketing device may have such telling effect on our young ones.

Generic characters like Moti Patlu Mascot, Animal mascots etc can be purchased directly from our website :

Product Benefits

An excellent mascot enables the brand to communicate product benefits instantaneously, which is a wonderful thing. Air India’s Maharajah immediately conveyed gracious Indian hospitality in the skies, since it immediately cued the luxurious lifestyle associated with Indian royalty. When a single visual image of the mascot can achieve this, and such a visual can also easily appear at multiple consumer touch points including packaging and point of sale material, that is a big advantage which needs to be leveraged.


There is a timelessness to mascots. The Amul girl is still as young as she was several decades ago (I often wonder what her exact age is), and she is still as relevant.One cannot say that about brand ambassadors, who are subject to nature’s laws of ageing. Hence brands are compelled to periodically change ambassadors to cement recall, but with mascots, you can use them over and over again. In some cases, there may be a need to add a small contemporary touch to the mascot while retaining its essential character, but with some good strategic and creative strokes, that’s quite easily done.

Cost and Trouble

Once mascots are created and established, they are virtually cost- and trouble-free for the brand. Marketers know that this is not the case with brand ambassadors. They can create all kinds of trouble as is the nature of human beings. Very good celebrity ambassadors are also very expensive, and getting their dates for an advertising shoot is a recurring point of intense stress and grey hair.

Clutter cut-through

The struggle for spontaneous awareness is getting much harder, particularly for new or relatively small challenger brands, in an intensely cluttered world. A unique, loveable mascot can lead to instant clutter cut-through, just like Chintamani did for ICICI Prudential. If mascots appear in product categories where they are least expected (such as financial services or fertilisers), they can add cut-through in even greater measure.


If a brand invests in nurturing a mascot, over the years this can lead to instant recognition and memorability. Whenever we see the Amul girl, we think of Amul. Need we say more? It requires commitment and investment and this is often difficult to achieve, particularly in Indian companies, because every new brand manager tends to have a different vision.

Custom designing and 3D rendering using latest CNC Machines

3D Modelling

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