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Alice costumes for fantasy loving children

All children have grown up hearing the story of “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll based on the adventured of a little girl in a fairy tale world. Every little girl fantasizes about being Alice and you can help your child live her fantasy by gifting her Alice costume. Skirts with ruffles are popular among little girls and these Alice costumes come in pretty blue colour with attached ruffle trimmed petticoat and pinafore. It also comes with an attractive bow styled head band matching the costume. It is available in many countries and sellers are emphasising availability in India.

Alice costume

Cool Bane Mask and costumes for children

There are few villains in movies that make a deeper impact than the hero himself. Dark Knight Series is famous for creating memorable villains. Bane is no exception. Bane is an arch enemy of Batman and is particularly known for his inhuman strength and a mask that covers his face. Dressing like Bane will be very exciting in any fancy dress competition. Bane masks are available and with these masks anyone can look like Bane. Along with proper costumes and this mask, your child can transform into his favorite super villain and will fall in love with this amazing mask.