Cosplay Costumes

Costumes and Cosplay—If You Can Dream It, We Can Make It



We enjoy assisting with the creation of costumes for special events. But we also know that costumes aren’t just for Halloween anymore. People are beginning to express themselves with unique and personalized clothing items, as well as, attending events in costume. Cosplay has become a huge industry on its own, with millions of dollars each year going into costume designs. Most of us are theater people, having a background in costume design. We understand that the little touches are what makes or breaks an outfit. For example, you can’t have a “Winter Soldier” costume without the hair, or a Prince of Persian without swords. Each time we try to ensure that our customers will love their costume and enjoy wearing them as much as we enjoy creating them.

Extensive Stock

Whether your thing is Bollywood, Hollywood, or cartoons we probably have something in stock for you that you’ll enjoy. In fact we keep ourselves stocked with the latest from the US. When a new superhero movie comes out, we’ll have the costumes. We also have the ability to make costumes so if you don’t see something you want get in touch with us. This business is something we truly have a passion for and would be just as excited as you to develop a new costume for our customers.

Visit Our Location

If you live in New Delhi you have the opportunity to come in and look around, to rent costumes and try them on. For everyone else we do our best to supply the type of customer service that makes you feel safe making a purchase online. Our store has costumes for rent or purchase, and we try to keep up with the latest in demand. We understand that people enjoy stepping outside their usual character and having a bit of fun and we want to help with that.

Alucard Castlevania Costume:

Prince of Persia Costume: