Fancy Dress Ideas

At Abhiruchi Costumes and Fancy dresses at Lajpat Nagar store we have more than 10,000 costumes to choose from.

It would be best that before visiting the store you are clear on the idea of the costume.

Here is a jist of the same from India Parenting(click to read full article) of what can be conceived for an apt fancy dress for the kid:

Read some interesting fancy dress ideas for Indian kids. You will find a list of characters you can dress up your child as. Read about how to dress up and prepare your child for a fancy dress competition. Go through this list of fancy dress ideas and get your child all dressed up fancifully.

Fancy Dress competitions are an exciting time for children. Many schools hold fancy dress competitions in school. All children like to win competitions in school.. (to continue reading click here)

If the theme (like our helpers costume, National costumes of India, etc is already decided, great! Finalise a costume with the kid. Please ensure that he is comfortable. It would be awesome if you want to consult us if it is a competitive event. Judging a fancy dress competition has been a privilege and we would love to share our inputs at the outlet.

  • The kid should be Very comfortable throughout the time and it could be she/he is going to wear it for at least few hours.

  • Kid should be able to freshen herself/himself even after wearing the costume.

  • Their should be a cotton lining if a warm outer layers is required.

  • As for the costume, it should preferably be a one piece dress, and if head gear is required it should be in the form of a hood. Kids tend to throw or just remove the head gear/cap naturally.

  • For an early age the dress should be a favourite character, fruit, or anything the toddler/kid wants or has an association with and is most comfortable with it.