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Special Event and Festival Wear: What We Do Best

India has hundreds of festivals each year that spark creativity and promote the use of traditional costumes and formal outfits. There are political holidays that require formal wear, and festival days that mark the birth of our gods: Ganesh Chaturthi, Maha Shiv Ratri, Janmashtmi, etc where all regional and mythological costumes are used in celebrations. In addition to holidays and holy days, costumes and fancy dress are often used for stage shows at kindergartens, upper schools and various other public performances. We enjoy helping people get ready for these events with formal dress and costume dress.  In fact, we assisted with a Guinness World Record event of the “Maximum Number of Students Dressed as Einstein” by helping them break the previous record of 300 “Einsteins” by grabbing 524 students at Indian International Science Fair held on December 9th, 2016. We are awaiting the official word from Guinness.  

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Abhiruchi provides Fancy dresses required for fancy dress competition in schools, clubs and other social gatherings. Our dresses are also used for costume parties, theme parties in offices, annual day functions, fashion shows and many more similar quarters. We have a special range of Halloween costumes as well. The search for an appropriate fancy dress is very frustrating if you do not know how and where to find a costume for that special costume party or when your child is going first time on stage in a fancy dress competition.

We have seen a large requirement for freedom fighter costumes during Independence day and Republic Day function in schools, Besides these schools also inculcate students with knowledge of Our Helpers, with such theme fancy dress competition we have dresses of Doctors, Fireman costume, Postman dress. etc Besides this we have an array of cartoon character dresses, like Spiderman suit, Superman dress, Batman fancy suit, Mickey Mouse costume, tweety bird fancy dress etc.

We have worked with many Kindergarten, reputed organizations, English-medium, Public/Convent Schools, Central/State Govt. aided and DAV schools, Pre-Nursery Play Schools, etc. for their prestigiousmembers.  We would be pleased to give you door-step service, as our institution is a body established to serve and help the small child develop into a fine human being and are very enthusiastic to help parents/schools get our services on cost sharing basis.

Looking for fancy dresses, you may contact us directly at our showroom.

Classical Dance Costumes are available for Kathak costume, Bharat Natyam costume, Mohini Attam  costume, Odissi  costume, etc.

Folk Dances :-  Rajasthani  costume, Punjabi costume, Gujrati costume, Maharashtrian costume, Naga costume, Himachal costume, Kashmiri costume, etc.

All animals  costume and fancy dress, birds costume and fancy dress and also water animals like Crocodile costume and fancy dress, Frog costume and fancy dress, Octopus costume and fancy dress, Fish costume and fancy dress, Cock costume and fancy dress, Peacock costume and fancy dress, Parrot costume and fancy dress, Pigeon costume and fancy dress, Duck costume and fancy dress, Tweety Bird costume and fancy dress, Sparrow costume and fancy dress, Crow costume and fancy dress etc.

Costumes of flowers costume and fancy dress, fruits costume and fancy dress & vegetables costume and fancy dress.

Cartoon characters like Noddy costume and fancy dress, Bob the Builder costume and fancy dress, Doraemon costume and fancy dress, Ben10 costume and fancy dress, Power Ranger costume and fancy dress, Micky Mouse costume and fancy dress, Mini Mouse costume and fancy dress, Oswald costume and fancy dress, Sly costume and fancy dress, Gobbo costume and fancy dress, Pikachu costume and fancy dress, Daisy Duck costume and fancy dress, Donald Duck costume and fancy dress, Doodi Do Dog costume and fancy dress, Batman costume and fancy dress, Spiderman costume and fancy dress, Superman costume and fancy dress, Shaktiman costume and fancy dress etc.


Original Batman Costumes of US quality

Useful Things: - Computer, Mobile, Metro, Bus, Car, Letter Box, Pencil, Traffic Light.   

Indian Mythological Characters: - Rama costume and fancy dress, Krishna costume and fancy dress, Sita costume and fancy dress, Ganesha costume and fancy dress, Radha costume and fancy dress, Hanuman costume and fancy dress, Kings & Queens costume and fancy dress, Indra costume and fancy dress, Varun Dev costume and fancy dress, Vishnu costume and fancy dress.

Western Dress: - Sr & Jr.

European Dresses like that of Napolean Bonaparte costume and fancy dress, Queen costume and fancy dress flowing gowns etc.

Arabian Gowns, Harrom Dresses for girls & boys.

Non–Living: - Air costume and fancy dress, Earth costume and fancy dress, Moon costume and fancy dress, Sun costume and fancy dress, Stars costume and fancy dress, Rainbow costume and fancy dress, Clouds costume and fancy dress,   Water costume and fancy dress, Polio-drops costume and fancy dress, Computer costume and fancy dress, Tv costume and fancy dress etc.

Poets: - Kalidas costume and fancy dress, Tulsidas costume and fancy dress, Kabir costume and fancy dress , Rahim Kabir Das costume and fancy dress etc.


Leaders: -  Indra Gandhi costume and fancy dress, Sarojini Naidu costume and fancy dress, Sheela Dixit costume and fancy dress, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam costume and fancy dress.

Freedom fighters: -  Sh. Bhagat Singh costume and fancy dress, Jhansi-Ki-Rani costume and fancy dress, M’Gandhi costume and fancy dress, Nehru costume and fancy dress, Subhash Chadra.bose costume and fancy dress, etc.etc.

Costumes for Theme Parties: Hare Rama Hare Krishna costumes, Sholay costumes, Coolie costumes, Mogambo costume, and many more, even customised to your size and fitting!

Halloween Costumes for Kids, adults of various themes are available and can also be pre-ordered as per requirements.

Pre-ordered costumes need 7-10 days to make.

Christmas Costumes: Jesus Christ's Costume, Santa Claus's Costume, Mrs Santa Claus Costume, Ms Santa Claus Costume, Miss Santa Claus Costume, Girls Santa Claus Costume, Boys Sanat Claus Costume, Elf's Costume for Men, Women and children are also available on pre-orders.

Rent a Photo Booth and Props from us for that special moments to cherish later!

Costumes can also be made to order, please be advised to visit showroom with printout or picture. 

Kindly also provide 10-15 days for delivery of personalised dresses.

Cosplay Costumes and Props: We cater to the specialised realm of cosplaying working with renowned names in India and abroad.

We also offer:

We are also offering following dresses for Functions of schools, clubs, and other social gatherings:

    *      Classical dance costumes for Kathak, Odissi, Bharat Natyam, etc 

    *      Folk dance costumes of all States and countries 

    *      Costumes for modern/creative/fusion dances

    *      Modern Costumes like parallels, gowns, tights, spaghettis, jump suits, etc.

    *      Animal Kingdom/cartoon costumes for all age group children

    *      Educational Costumes of Flowers and Vegetables

    *      All kinds of costumes & allied accessories for mythological characters, Dresses for Ganeshji, Shivji, Ramji,  Krishanji, Hanumanji, and other mythological characters.

    *      Sports/field dresses, track suits, etc.

    *      Any other item according to requirement and order. For eg. Krish Dress.

    *      Customized Uniforms for Hotels, Restaurants and Schools, complete with designer monograms and accessories.

In the recent past, we have handled assignments from reputed organizations, English-medium, Public/Convent Schools, Central/State Govt. aided and DAV schools, Pre-Nursery Play Schools, etc. for their prestigious members.  We would be pleased to give you door-step service, as our institution is a body established to serve and help the small child develop into a fine human being and are very enthusiastic to help parents/schools get our services on cost sharing basis.   

 We have added thousands of new dresses in the recent months and waiting to be explored by appropriate quarters.  In our recently refurbished showroom at Lajpat Nagar. We have streamlined and indexed each and every costume to cater to your needs.

Costumes for Theme Parties

Bollywood Theme Party Costumes

Bollywood Costumes:

These costumes are worn for social functions, get togethers or that special theme party.

Theme parties is a special way of dressing up to your favourite character from current or bygone era.

The most famous of the costumes from Bollywood are those of the movie Sholay (1976). We cater to all age groups for these costumes and many a times our patrons decide what minute changes they want in their costumes.

Here are some of the choices that can help you make an informed decision from various other choices as well:

Sholay Movie Bollywood Costumes to buy and rent:

Other Bollywood Costumes available are:

Apart from these you may send us the images through email to get an estimate for your customised Bollywood costume. It usually takes us 7-10 days to cater to such requests.

Topic: Sale or rent of costumes and fancy dresses for kids and adults in India Is getting a perfect dress for your kid in fancy dress competition becomes a matter of concern for you? It’s a fact that school these days organizes numerous extracurricular activities among which fancy dress is the most prominent one. While it strengthens the confidence of children, it also helps in endowing a recreational activity for everyone. Therefore encouraging your kids to participate in such activities helps in their long way. But once you initiate encouraging your child the real problem for you starts emerging which is getting them the costume they desire. Children these days are quite demanding and they want to get decked up with their choice of clothes. Not just the children but the parents also want their kid to be the best. For searching a unique costume for their function parents look upon every shop in the market. But getting the dress with perfect fitting and size becomes little difficult. This is when the need for some online costume selling website seems fruitful. To make your hunt for a wonderful dress for your kids’ next function in the school we came up with Costumekart could be your one-stop destination for the following reasons: • To get the desired dress- We have attires of different categories for the kindergarten children. Whether you want to dress up your sons like a fruit or your daughter like a flower we have dresses for that. From apple to banana, sunflower to lotus, you name it and we have it. • To get the desired size- every kid has its own size and fitting. Since we have a wide range of dresses in different sizes you can choose the one which would suit your child’s vital stats. This way the stress of going to the tailor’s shop to alter the dress sizes. • To save your time- In this fast-paced life, it is not possible for everyone to take the time out to hunt for the dress in every other shop. This is the reason why online shopping is the most feasible option. All that you need is to get an access to and make the purchase quickly. • To get the costume to your doorstep: This is yet another advantage where you don’t have to go out of your house because you can get your selected outfit right at your doorstep. Our delivery system is up-to-date and we try to deliver your consignment as early as possible. • To get the costume at the most affordable price- The rates we offer for different dresses are reasonable enough to make a purchase. You would always find that our prices are way lesser than the market price. Therefore splurging upon them would be a smart choice to make. • To get the costume in rent- It is not practical to purchase few dresses which didn’t come into use again. So for them, we have the rental system as well. The next alluring fact with is it is not only dedicated to providing attires for the kids but for the adults as well. Since these days theme parties and theme weddings are very popular people used to keep a particular theme and ask their guests to come dressed in it only. It has been seen that Bollywood themes are evergreen. However, some themes are based on the festivals like Christmas and Halloween. Costumekart can help you in getting decked up like any actor or actress and mimic them to the core. While for men we have costumes to become like Gabbar, Rockstar or Chulbul Pandey, for women we have attires to become Helen, Madhuri or Queen of any empire. So from the next time whenever the party mode is on or you are looking for a great fancy dress for kid, take a sneak-peak at and become the centre of attraction. Fancy Dress Ideas for Theme Parties Theme parties are the new cool. From weddings to birthdays, festivals to get-togethers these days everything is planned with a theme. Since theme parties give a straightforward outlook of the concept of function it becomes more enjoyable and fun. The best thing about theme parties are every person from elders to kids enjoy equally in them. When everyone gets dressed in a particular way party looks grand and worth spending time. This is the reason why people these days used to get an invitation along with the prescribed theme. If you have got an invitation for a theme party then here you can get ideas for getting decked up with the most apt costume. Let us discuss few most popular theme parties and the best attires to wear in them. 1. Bollywood Theme- Bollywood flows in the vines of Indians. We didn’t take much time to popularize any particular character. Whether the movie becomes hit or not if it comprises any unique character we start imitating them. While for men there are options like Gabbar from Sholay, Chulbul Pandey from Dabangg and the most recent one Allaudin Khilji from Padmavat; for women, there is Helen in her cabre dress, Mumtaz in her fish cut saree or Rani Padmavati in heavy jewelry and Rajputana attire. 2. Hollywood Theme- Generally Hollywood theme is more popular among youngsters. Since they are more indulged in watching Hollywood movies, they know which characters are popular and which make a special influence. These days GOT costumes are very famous. Getting dressed in clothes similar to what they wear help grab them maximum eyeballs. 3. Avengers Theme- Avenger theme party may include getting mimicked as any superhero. From Batman and He-man to Spiderman and Superman there are a number of superheroes to pick up the attire. And if you are looking for an Indian superhero then choose the fancy dress of our beloved Shaktiman. Children love parties with avenger theme as they get to see their fictional superheroes in real life where their dads and uncles are beneath the costume. For kids, you can try making them Chota Bheem or Chutki which are the most famous cartoon superheroes of the time in our country. 4. Angles and Devils- This is yet another exciting theme where anyone can have the getup of either an angel or the devil. For being an angel you would require wings or feathers and tiara or crown. White feathers seem the most feasible one from being an angel. But if being devil is in your mind you can take black colored feathers as well and wear them above your black dress. For men, there are options to become a monster, zombie or ghoul with the apt dress. One person from each pair should become angle and the other devil so that the real essence of the theme remains undisturbed. 5. Historical theme- Here, coming dressed up in the attire of some great historical person could endorse the theme. You can be Mahatma Gandhi, Chacha Nehru, Bhagat Singh or General Dyer. Women can choose to become Indira Gandhi or Queen Cleopatra. Other than these the theme parties which are most popular among people include attires for Christmas with red and white clothes and caps, Halloween with a frightening makeup and dress and Harry Potter theme with the clothes of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Professor Albus Dumbledore or Lord Voldemort. So with these handy ideas in mind, you could come to and choose the dress which meets your preferences the most. Here you could not only get a large variety of theme costumes at the most reasonable price but also a number of ideas for the fancy dress. So do not waste your time further and get an access to costumekart. Fancy Dress ideas for schools kids for age groups 2-4 years, 3-6 years and 7-9-year olds Fancy dress competition is one of those extracurricular activities which enhances the knowledge of the child and also helps in boosting his confidence. Almost every school organizes this activity once in a year. Coming on the stage and speaking few lines carves a child into confident human being who has a great public speaking skill. Therefore cheering the child up to participate and give contribution is extremely necessary. As soon the child comes with the news of fancy dress competition in the next week in school you start thinking about the feasible options to work upon. To make your search easy here we came up with different fancy dress ideas categorized age wise for a hassle-free choice. Let’s check them out! Kids of 2 to 4 years of age- Kids generally start going to school when they are 2.5 to 3 years of age. At this time they are familiar with only a few things which mainly include fruits like apple, banana, and strawberry, vegetables like potato, tomato and brinjal and tree or flowers. So dressing them up in costumes which are custom made in the shape of these eatables could help them give their best shot on stage. You can also look upon other eatables which are loved by children like chocolate, Maggi, or ice cream. Kids look super cute to being these delicious eatables. Since they know how chocolate or Maggi tastes for a long time, they could speak up a few lines about them on the stage and show their talent to the audience. Kids of 3 to 6 years of age- This is the time when children are more influenced towards the outer world which includes animated cartoons, fictional world, and mythological characters. Kids who fall under this age group can be made any superhero like Superman, Batman or our Indian Shaktiman. If they prefer carton more; then making them Doremon, Shinchan, Chota Bheem or Oogy seems feasible. If children get dressed in their most favorite character their confidence level remains high and they perform well on stage. This age group is the most notorious one so dressing them up like Daku Mangal Singh, Mogambo or Don also makes them look really cute. Dialogues of Gabbar suits every child so making them wear a brown colored shirt and pant with a gun in the hand could help them get the first place. Other than this being a mythological character like Lord Krishna with yellow dhoti and flute, Ganesha with elephant-like head or Hanuman with orange get up and a large mace makes them look extremely wonderful. Kids of 7 to 9 years of age- These are the well-grown kids, who are familiar with a large number of actors and actresses, cricketers and athletes, community workers like a doctor, policemen, and pilot. So they can choose on their own as for what they really want to become. For this age group, almost every character suits perfectly to the child as they can explain their choice fluently on the stage with full confidence. They can play that character easily and boast about him or her without any difficulty or hesitation. Some cute characters for girls include air hostess, nurse, and doctor while for boys its pilot, army man, and police. Kids who can enact little more can be made “Gangu bai” or any other vegetable seller. Boys can become the all-time trending Prime Minister Modi or another political person like Rahul Gandhi or Arvind Kejriwal. These people have their unique style of dressing adopting which can fetch the first prize for your child. So a little search is needed by you and a little effort is needed by the child to get the foremost place in the next fancy dress competition. Try one of these wonderful themes and let your child learn a few lines about the cracter and he is all set to rock to floor. All the Best!


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